Find answers to the most frequently asked StorageDirector Z questions.

Take advantage of the full-featured trial evaluation software or virtual appliance versions of NexentaStor – the next-generation open storage platform – to help you get started with the StorageDirector Z.

1. What is the StorageDirector Z?

The StorageDirector Z products are a series of managed storage appliances and solutions. Pogo Linux, together with technology partner Nexenta, has combined the NexentaStor, unified, open storage platform with reliable, high-performance industry-standard hardware to create affordable network storage solutions for SMBs and departments within large organizations. The StorageDirector Z solutions deliver enterprise-grade storage capabilities superior to those offered by legacy, proprietary NAS-SAN storage vendors – at a fraction of the cost.

2. What is the business value of the StorageDirector Z Series?

The StorageDiretor Z product line is an economical way for businesses to address growing network storage needs without sacrificing functionality. This allows small- and mid-sized organizations to grow the storage in their network without consuming their IT budget. Traditionally, the high-cost associated with the closed platform of enterprise solutions prevented SMBs from realizing the benefits of data redundancy and scale-out capabilities. At the same time, large organizations can enable storage tiering at a lower cost, while still maintaining high service levels, reducing their dependency on high-priced enterprise solutions.

3. How is the StorageDirector Z different from other storage solutions on the market?

The StorageDirector Z is a completely open storage solution that doesn't lock an organization into a proprietary technology solution.

4. What are the different StorageDirector Z models?

StorageDirector Z 250, 350 & 450 Models – Choose between 2U – 4U managed storage appliances based on your file-sharing, media streaming and application serving needs. Archive data for replication or an off-site disaster recovery backup, host application services or deliver thin-provisioning for virtualized applications.

StorageDirector Z2 Foundation – Get a highly scalable storage platform designed to expand any NFS, CIFS, iSCSI or Fiber Channel network – up to 192 terabytes. A server head runs NexentaStor Enterprise, while a separate storage disk shelf provides the raw storage capacity. This system is ideal for primary storage, enabling storage tiers and storing cloud and virtualization environments. As storage needs grow, simply expand the base system with additional storage disk shelves.

StorageDirector Z2 HA Cluster – Similar to the StorageDirector Z2 Foundation model, the StorageDirector Z2 HA Cluster is a high-availability NAS/SAN storage solution that mirrors dual-head systems for an active-active pair – ideal for cloud, virtualized or tiered storage environments. Using the Nexenta HA Cluster software plug-in, both systems make storage accessible while also providing a fail-over option for the other system – ideal for network environments where uninterrupted access to data and applications is necessary.

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