Take advantage of breakout ZFS technologies and a hybrid storage strategy to efficiently archive digital videos at a reasonable cost.

The search for an affordable digital archive has led IT managers at leading media broadcasting and entertainment companies to the StorageDirector Z Series SAN/NAS. Powered by NexentaStor™ Enterprise, the StorageDirector Z brings together next-generation ZFS technologies and a hybrid storage strategy on an open storage platform to increase the productivity of video professionals at a reasonable cost.

At a Glance

  • Next-generation ZFS platform that's optimized for digital video archiving
  • Hybrid storage pools for breakthrough storage performance and economics
  • Efficient archiving from unlimited snapshots, deduplication and compression
  • Open storage solution that's up to 40% less than closed-platform legacy SANs
  • Scale-out as needs grow with unlimited storage capacity – over 576TB

Solutions Overview

Hybrid Storage Model

Hybrid Storage Model l Maximize Cache & Capacity Needs

  • Hybrid storage pools to accelerate sequential reads – an operation critical for storing and retrieving digital assets on-demand
  • Native SSD support holds frequent read/write cache-based task on ultra-fast SSDs while storage capacity needs are held on dense, yet cost-effective, HDDs
  • Combined SSD/HDD storage technologies deliver breakthrough performance and economics
Efficient Archiving

Efficient Archiving l Next-Generation Storage Capabiltiies

  • Built around ZFS, the NexentaStor™ enables file-compression and data deduplication to save valuable storage space
  • Unlimited snapshot capabilities ensure recovery of videos in the event of an end-user (or system) mishap
  • Seamlessly archive video across multiple locations with 6GB/s networking for improved bandwidth, ideal for frequent storage and retrieval
Unlimited Snapshots

Open Storage Platform l Enterprise Storage Without the Price

  • Open storage solution that's up to 40% less than closed-platform legacy storage technologies
  • Unified platform for transfering digital assets over NFS, iSCSI, CiFS and Fiber Channel networks
  • Multiple network protocol support allows simultaneous access to the same storage pools from different locations

Getting Started

Take advantage of the following resources to learn more about how to efficiently archive digital videos at a reasonable cost with the StorageDirector Z.

StorageDirector Z2 HA Cluster Solution Brief

Solution Brief
Get an active digital video archive that addresses cost and performance needs.

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StorageDirector Z2 HA Cluster System Architecture

Hybrid Storage
Review the system diagram of the StorageDirector Z2 HA Cluster SAN solution.

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StorageDirector Z2 HA Cluster Impulse Case Study

Product Datasheet
Leverages the superior data integrity of ZFS to experience enterprise storage features.

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