Experience superior flexibility and scalability to deliver world-class cloud applications and hosted services without costing a fortune.

Integral Networks Case Study "After researching multiple offerings, we chose the NexentaStor™ solution because it allowed for unlimited growth while maintaining tight budgetary considerations without sacrificing advanced features."
- Bryan Badger, CEO, Integral Networks

Many leading service providers trust the StorageDirector Z Series SAN/NAS – powered by NexentaStor™ – as the open storage solution to manage their demanding cloud and hosted services workloads. Built on the versatile ZFS file system, NexentaStor™ delivers superior flexibility and scalability to deliver world-class services at a lower price-point than proprietary storage technologies.

At a Glance

  • ZFS-based open storage solution that's up to 40% less than legacy technologies
  • Feature-complete SAN/NAS with all-inclusive enterprise storage capabilities, including HA cluster, virtualization and unlimited snapshots
  • High utilization from deduplication, compression, thin-provisioning and hybrid storage
  • Unlimited storage capacity – over 576TB – to scale-out as needs grow


Superior flexibility and scalability on an open storage platform – ideal for demanding cloud and hosted services workloads.

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Solutions Overview

Hybrid Storage Model

High Utilization l Maximize Resources with Fast Provisioning

  • Thin-provisioning to mark pre-allocated (but unused) block-level storage as physically available in a storage pool
  • Inline data deduplication and native compression to save valuable primary storage
  • Native SSD support holds frequent read/write cache-based task on ultra-fast SSDs while storage capacity needs are held on dense, yet cost-effective, HDDs
Future Proof Investment

Future-Proof Investment l Today's Needs and Tomorrow's Growth

  • Unlimited snapshots to ensure granular recovery of data or applications – includes integrated snapshot search
  • High-Availability with Active/Active failover cluster to deliver 24/7 access to business-critical hosted services
  • Virtualization support to centrally manage VM storage and administration across multi-vendor environments from a single point-and-click interface
Open Storage Platform

Open Storage Solution l Streamline Cost While Enhancing Services

  • Open storage platform based on ZFS that's up to 40% less than cost-prohibitive, proprietary storage technologies
  • Unified storage to host data or application services over NFS, iSCSI, CiFS and Fiber Channel networks
  • Unlimited storage capacity – over 576TB – to scale-out as needs grow, instead of performing a 'forklift upgrade'

Getting Started

Take advantage of the following resources to learn more about how to streamline storage cost while enhancing service offerings with the StorageDirector Z Series SAN/NAS.

StorageDirector Z2 HA Cluster Solution Brief

Service Solution Brief
Superior flexibility and scalability to deliver cloud and hosted services.

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StorageDirector Z2 HA Cluster System Architecture

Storage Virtualization
Dramatically simplify the storage management of any virtualized environment.

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Integral Networks Case Study

Customer Case Study
Learn how Integral Networks streamlines storage cost while enhancing services.

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Upcoming Webinars

Service Provider Perspective: How to Build a Scalable, Cost-Efficient Storage Infrastructure

Thursday, July 7, 2011 – 10AM PST / 11AM MDT / 12PM CDT / 1PM EDT

Learn how to deliver world-class cloud and hosted services to compete with Amazon, Rackspace and others – without spending a fortune. During this webinar, attendees will discover how to leverage the open storage platform of NexentaStor™, including:

  • Utilize hybrid storage pools (SSDs+HDDs) to maximize cache and storage capacity
  • Allocate storage with thin-provisioning to handle frequent customer change requests
  • Centrally manage storage across VMware, Citrix or Microsoft Hyper-V environments
  • Establish always-on access to business-critical services with high-availability

Finally, Integral Networks, a leading provider of cloud-based infrastructure management and managed services shares its perspective and insight on how the StorageDirector Z Series SAN/NAS – powered by NexentaStor™ – helps them streamline storage while enhancing its service offerings.

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