Introducing the industry's first Linux ZFS Software Defined Storage appliance

Powered by QuantaStor, the PogoStor™ SAN+NAS network appliance is the industry's first ZFS-on-Linux storage solution. PogoStor combines the OS NEXUS® QuantaStor Software Defined Storage platform with Pogo's expert support and open hardware, creating a high performance, scalable, and affordable Open Storage alternative to closed-platform legacy solutions.

The PogoStor storage appliance is the first Software Defined Storage solution to integrate the benefits of ZFS into a Linux-based open storage solution. Using a Linux architecture and open hardware that is robust and reliable, similar to legacy options but without lockin, PogoStor is a uniquely flexible package that can solve a wide variety of cloud, virtualization, and big data challenges at a significantly lower cost-per-gigabyte.

At a Glance

  • ZFS-on-Linux – First-ever Linux ZFS SDS appliance
  • Multi-Petabyte Scalability – Scale to over 10 PBs
  • Unified Storage – Block and file-level storage
  • Complete Solution – All-in-one, turnkey, feature-rich

  • Solution Overview

    Pogo Storage, a leader in Open Storage ZFS solutions, and OS NEXUS® co-developed the integrated, turnkey PogoStor™ appliance to deliver a next-generation unified storage solution with support for major SAN/NAS protocols, including iSCSI, NFS, and Fiber Channel environments. Experience an enterprise-grade Open Storage solution that combines the revolutionary ZFS file system on Linux (ZoL), advanced cloud and network storage, and world-class storage management. [Learn More]

    QuantaStor with ZFS-on-Linux Integration

    The latest version of QuantaStor brings a host of new storage and cloud capabilities through its ZFS-on-Linux (ZoL) integration, as well as core updates to the QuantaStor Software Defined Storage platform. All of the base ZFS functionality is now supported through the QuantaStor management interface including provisioning, hybrid storage and remote replication between QuantaGrid members.

    For the first time ever, organizations can address virtualization, cloud computing, Big Data, and other high-performance application needs with ZFS integrated into Linux (ZFS-on-Linux) on a storage appliance, including:

    cloud storage simplified

    ZFS-on-Linux Integration

    The addition of ZFS gives Linux new capabilities for managing storage volumes, such as compression, unlimited snapshots, and support for hybrid storage pools with SSD and DRAM caching. [Learn More]

    cloud storage simplified

    QuantaStor SDS

    In addition to ZFS, QuantStor includes innovative features such as QuantaGrid™ Scale-out Management Technology, built-in multi-tenancy and REST APIs. With one of the most intuitive and well-implemented management interfaces in the industry, QuantaStor also provides the flexibility to incorporate third-party Linux packages, for custom tailored deployments. [Learn More]

    open storage platform


    Drawing on Pogo's five-plus years of experience deploying and maintaining hundreds of ZFS-based storage appliances, PogoComplete™ provides a full suite of technical services, from initial consultation and configuration to remote installation support. [Learn More]

    Configure the PogoStor™ SAN+NAS – powered by OS NEXUS® – that's right for you

    PogoStor™ is ready to address the needs of storage administrators solving application challenges in the areas of media and entertainment, cloud hosted services, and big data. With single-node appliance or scale-out SAN options, there's a PogoStor solution for every storage need.

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